Sunday, 7 August 2011

I'am totally confident now!

Good night eveyone!Wanna know why I sounded so happy tonight?I finally figured the answer about the question that I asked you guys yesterday!Well,the answer is I SHOULD continue crocheing!I got my answer when my mom is teaching me how to crochet a circle.I saw my mom making an apple coaster.It looked so neat!And then,I asked her to teach me how to make it.But I didn't even get a thing!I say this everytime I didn't get it, "Oh great!"Here's the picture of the coaster.That's all for now.good night.Oh,and please comment!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Not sure....

Good night.I have a problem today.It's nothing serius but it kind of bothers my mind.I hope u can solve it.Well, it all started when I was lying on my my sofa watching tv.And suddenly,I felt bored and decided to open my blog.When I switch on my computer,I accidently look at my crochet tools,which is just right behind me.And then I felt like maybe crochet is boring.Maybe crochet is not my thing.And then I started thinking about it.In this kind of problem,I need some help and advise.Please give some comments.I'm begging you!

Friday, 5 August 2011

My first day!(In Blogger)

Hai everyone!My name is Dayang Nur iman Alani.I am only 11 years old.But that doesn`t stop me from making this blog!I wanted to thanked my mother for helping me make this blog(she actually forced me to do it!Anyway,thats not my real story for today.My real point is about bussiness(Did I just spell "bussiness" correctly?)I`am actually good at crocheing but I`am not that good!Not as my mother is.Well,I made this blog for crochet bussiness!Its not only about bussiness,u can also read my story and my experience too.Well,that`s all for now.See ya!Hope u enjoy!